Digitalization of administrative services

We assist administrations in their digital transformation process

We are present alongside our customers auditing their processes until the implementation of the solution.

A2A Expertisethrough the expertise, the know-how of its teams and the experience acquired in the proposed reorganization projects 2following approaches the issues, needs and specificity of each client:

  • An ERP solution with E-KAIDI and the modules that compose it:
  • Preconfigured solution provided ready for use.
  • A SaaS solution
  • A complete tool for administration and simplified processes
  • An all-in-one solution: Multi-Administration
  • One-stop portal for requests for official documents: no need to move or ask which administration to contact
  • Custom secure area
  • Secure online payment (Credit card and Paypal, Orange money)
  • Proximity to the administration: Access to the different services of the public administration from your phone, tablet and computer
  • Choice of delivery method: withdrawal in the service concerned or delivery at home
  • Better cost recovery
  • Solutions designed and developed to measure for very specific customer needs
November 12, 2018