Strong oftechnical and functional expertiseof his teams, A2A Expertiseaccompany your teams on:

With the technical and functional expertise of its teams,A2A Expertiseaccompany your teams:

  • In the technical fields for the upgrade of your development teams.
  • In business areas with training for end-users on SAP
  • In business areas with training for end-users on SAP

Java JEE technical training, Spring

Learn to develop modern applications "from scratch" thanks to our team of experts varying theoretical courses(30%)and practices(70%). Our courses are focused on technologies such asJava, Angular, Ionicand the ecosystemSpring.

  • Introducing Angular
  • Prepare your workstation
  • Create your first web project in Angular
  • Test your application
  • Presentation of Ionic
  • Prepare your workstation
  • Create your first web project with Ionic
  • Test your application
  •   Presentation of the Spring ecosystem
  •   Discovery of the main modules of Spring:

- Spring batch

- Spring MVC

- Secure your application with Spring Security

- Spring boot

  • Test your API with Spring
  • Initiation to Spring Cloud
  • Initiation to the Netflix stack
  • Continuous integration withJenkins
  • Build your project withMaven, coupled with a build manager (Ex: Artifactory)
  • Containers:Docker
  • Container Manager:Kubernates, My bones
  • Analyze the quality of your code withsonarqube
  • Exploit and analyze your logs with the quartetElasticSearch, Kibana, LogstashandFilebeat.
  • Probe your apps withHeartbeat.
  • Collect and analyze your metrics withMetricbeat
  • Version your applications withGit.

SAP user training

We realize with your teams of end users of the SAP trainings during interactive sessions alternating theoretical courses and exercises:

User training on solutions developed by our teams

A2A Expertiseaccompanies all of its clients on setting up the appropriation by their teams of the solutions it develops.

  • Presentation of the different functionalities
  • Theoretical course
  • Complete flow demonstration
  • Simulation of users (applicants / citizens)
  • drill
November 12, 2018