E-KAIDI is a solution born of long years of collaboration between A2A Expertise and different levels of government.

This collaboration is the result of a simple observation: that of the difficulties encountered by the citizens of several developing countries to carry out their administrative procedures, whether at the national or foreign level with consular representations (Embassies and consulates); but also the suspicions often found in documents issued by the administrations and consulates of these countries.

From this observation, was born a real will of the 2 founders of A2A Expertise to offer a simple, safe and integrated solution to these administrations to better respond to the challenges before them.

It is a question of proposing to the various administrations a unique system of end-to-end management of the administrative procedures of their fellow citizens.

E-KAIDI is a solution composed of:

  • A web platform dedicated to citizens to perform and follow their requests in real time.
  • A web platform dedicated to administrations to receive and process citizens' requests.
  • The production of documents and secure media almost tamper-proof meeting the highest international standards in terms of security.
  • A completely digitalized queue management tool that allows administrations to improve services to citizens by better assessing wait times, peak hours and off-peak hours while optimizing staff management.
  • An agenda management tool to better manage appointments between document applicants (citizens and foreigners) and public administrations.

e-KAIDI thus meets the needs of the 4 key stakeholders:

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Our citizens




Foreign citizens


Foreign partners

by providing an easy-to-use solution, accessible from any medium (pc, tablet, smartphone) at any time and any place, security (a personal space for each citizen, an agent space for administration, documents virtually tamper-proof with security built into the media itself, traceability and realizable authentication for any document issued bye-KAIDI).

Any operation performed via e-KAIDI is available without time limit for the citizen, and for the administration; comfort for the citizen but also and above all a guarantee of the continuity of the administration.

E-KAIDI also allows the administration a management of its revenues, a better knowledge of its fellow citizens through various statistics and varied provided in real time, optimization of the performance of their services and their agents, etc ...

The e-KAIDI solution is an integrated management software package (ERP) grouping 5 independent modules but communicating with each other for the purpose of management optimized by the administration of its citizens and input into its territory.

  • Family record book
  • Birth act
  • Marriage certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Certificate of custom
  • Etc ...

  • Title of trip
  • Visa and Residence Card for Foreigners

  • Passport
  • ID card
  • Consular card

  • Digital solution for managing queues
  • Disappearance of the paper in the waiting rooms
  • Evaluation wait time, peak hours and off-peak hours
  • Better management of staff costs
  • Improved services to citizens

  • Interactive agenda for making appointments by citizens.
  • Real time update
  • Addition, deletion, cancellation, rescheduling
  • Sending reminder notifications to different stakeholders

My steps e-KAIDI

November 12, 2018